Waseca has big-city transportation access without big-city traffic jams

Waseca, Minnesota’s convenient location gives companies and residents the advantages of large-metro transportation access without having to fight your way through big-city traffic. For starters, we have easy access to north-south Interstate 35, which connects Duluth and the Twin Cities to Kansas City, Texas, and Mexico. It’s also a quick trip to east-west I-90, which goes to Seattle in the west and through Chicago to Boston and the East Coast. Divided U.S. 14 and high-speed State Route 13 offers additional flexibility.

Need to fly somewhere? Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) is just about an hour away, with passenger service worldwide and air cargo via carriers like Delta and Air General. Rochester’s airport is also just an hour away, providing additional options.

Companies that desire rail service for inbound raw materials or to ship finished goods benefit from Canadian Pacific’s local yard. No matter what transportation mode you prefer, doing business in Waseca makes it easy to get to where you need to be!